In the "FROM" field, enter the name of the station from which You want to leave and choose a station from the list of stations that appears. For example "TASHKENT". In the "TO" field, enter the name of the destination station and select the destination station from the pop-up list, for example, "SAMARKAND". In the "WHEN" field, select the departure date and click the "FIND" button. If there are no trains on the selected date, you can see the current train schedule.


From the list of available trains, select the desired train and the desired class of cars from and click the "SELECT CAR and SEAT" button at the bottom of the screen. For the convenience of users are all available on the selected date of the train with the availability of seats in the cars and the cost of tickets. Please note that at this stage information is shown only about the available seats of the train. In case of their absence the information is not shown. In addition, you can also select other departure dates at the top of the screen. Attention! To proceed to the next step, you need to go through the standard registration and authorization procedure, specifying the name, surname and e-mail address.


Then on the scheme of the car the place is chosen (light-free, dark-sold, the chosen place-green). Also for convenience, additional services provided in the car are displayed: extra food and bed linen. After choosing a place, the user fills in personal passport data and enters all the necessary information in the appropriate fields. If necessary, you can select the "Add child" function. Thus, an adult passenger can register a child up to five years old in his seat free of charge. Also, if necessary, you can select seats for 3 more passengers and enter all the necessary data. Then you need to click "CONFIRM ORDER".

Attention! The passenger's personal data must correspond to the data specified in the identity document. If you issue an electronic ticket to a country where a passport is required, the ticket is issued exclusively for it (for example, Tashkent-Rybachye). If you issue a ticket outside Uzbekistan with children, then in accordance with the established procedure it is necessary to issue a ticket for a child with a child's passport. If you are a non-resident of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the electronic ticket is also issued on the passport with which the passenger intends to travel. If the personal data in the document are indicated in two fonts (Cyrillic and Latin), the information in the order is filled in Latin font. If the personal data in the document are specified only in Russian, the information in the order is filled in Cyrillic. In case of an error in the personal data of passengers or details of documents proving their identity, you need to make an adjustment before the payment of the order.


At this stage, the passenger must check all the data entered. If the input is correct, it is necessary to put a "tick" at the bottom of the screen before the inscription "I agree to the Terms of purchase of electronic tickets" and click "ENTER CARD and PAY".

Attention! On the passage of 3 and 4 steps is given 15 minutes. If the passenger does not have time to make payment during this time, the order is canceled.


Then fill in the fields "card Number", "card validity" and click "CONTINUE". After payment of the electronic ticket on the website the electronic travel document with details of a trip and number of Your electronic ticket (14 digits) is formed. In your personal account you can print out an e-ticket, cancel or restore the electronic registration for the train, cancel the order, as well as make a refund of the e-ticket. Cards of both national payment systems and international payment systems "Visa" and "Master Card"are accepted for payment.

Attention! A printout of an electronic ticket for domestic flights is mandatory, since at the entrance to the station and at the pre-trip inspection by the inspection inspector, a mark is made about the safe passage. If you have issued an electronic ticket for an interstate flight, then in accordance with interstate agreements, you need to get a ticket at the ticket office of the railway station-on a strict reporting form, which will be required to present at the request of inspectors in other States, as well as for travel reporting.