Rules of Passenger Transportation

Transportation of organized groups of tourists and passengers

Ticket sales entities for transportation of certain groups of passengers carried on their requests. Written requests for seats for travel of certain groups of passengers (10 people or more) are accepted by the carrier from legal persons for 20 days prior to departure of the passenger train.

The application must be signed by the head and chief accountant and stamped by the legal entity. It states the name of the legal entity, the required number of seats, the passenger train number, date of departure and station of departure and destination.

For group applications must be accompanied by lists of departing team members in 2 copies indicating the surname, name and patronymic, series and passport number, date of birth.

Legal entity must purchase your tickets 10 days before the departure of a passenger train, to pay the full cost of the tickets.

If the due date before departure tickets were purchased, the application shall be canceled and the place is transmitted to the sale.

The trip of children

The passenger has the right to carry with them in a passenger train free one child under 5 years old (inclusive at the time of the trip) without a seat. Making ticket child under 5 years free of charge in the ticket of one of the parents.

When proceeding with the passenger more than one child aged under 5 years old, one of them carried free of charge, the others - with fifty percent discount on the cost of the fare with a seat.

Children aged 5 to 10 years (inclusive at the time of the trip) is also provided fifty percent discount on the fare with a seat.

For children older than 10 years tickets must be purchased for adults.

Allowed free travel second child under 5 years old without occupying a separate seat in the implementation of the trip by both parents. In this case, the design of a child shall be a free ticket for one ticket to each parent.

Directions for children under  10 years old children's tickets are issued.

Children under the age of 16 without an adult to travel in the passenger trains are not allowed, except for students who use rail to visit schools, high schools and colleges.

In general the car with seating for every child having a child ticket must be given a place as adult passengers.

Transportation of hand luggage

Caring for safely transported hand luggage is on the passengers. Prohibited in carry-on baggage bulky things, the size of which the sum of three dimensions exceeding 180 cm.

Each passenger is entitled to carry with them hand luggage not exceeding 36 kg (in full or child ticket). In cars with double compartments authorized to carry 50 kg hand luggage. Transportation of passengers in commuter trains carry-on baggage in excess of free baggage (but not more than 50 kg) must be paid for baggage fare. Transportation of bicycles in the lobbies of suburban passenger trains in one piece as permitted no more than one.

Excess baggage (36 kg) hand baggage passenger is allowed to carry: briefcase, handbag, glasses, skis and sticks to them, fishing rods, camera, umbrella and other small things, the size of which the sum of three dimensions does not exceed 100 cm.

The carriage of hand luggage in commuter trains also allowed through free baggage strollers, plants, seedlings and other planting materials with bandaged crown and packed rhizomes. Every place such baggage must not exceed 18 kg in weight and height of 1.5 m.

For transportation of excessive hand luggage in the passenger trains may include additional baggage cars. Rates for hand luggage in such wagons will be charged at the rate of luggage, using benefits, which are set by the carrier. Making the journey is made on the receipt.

Transportation of luggage

The carriage shall take such things and objects, which by its size, packaging and properties can pass in the prescribed manner screening procedures, without difficulty immersed and placed in the luggage car without damaging the passengers' luggage.

Luggage is transported to the stations producing operations on reception and luggage claim. Passenger can check luggage for carriage in advance, but not less than 2 hours before the departure of a passenger train, luggage storage at the same time be paid according to the tariffs. Bicycles, strollers and baby beds, wheelchairs and prosthetic t. N. May be taken in packaged and unpackaged. Not be transported luggage things and objects, weight of one of more than 80 kg and a length of more than 3 m. Indivisible place weighing more than 80 kg (refrigerators, gas cookers, etc.) are accepted for the carriage of luggage, that is a ticket to the amount of one unit for each decorated place in a passenger train. Transportation of indivisible objects, taken in excess of this amount is payable at the rate of cargo luggage.

The passenger may, when depositing luggage declare its value to the payment of fee in accordance with the established tariff. If offered for transport several luggage, the passenger may declare the value of each individual location or the overall value of all places. Declaration of value made verbally. If a passenger does not wish to declare the value of the luggage, the luggage check, which signs the passenger in the "declared value" should be marked "From a declared value refuse."

For the declared value of luggage surcharge luggage from the sender to the procedure established by the carrier.

Luggage claim is made only if the recipient of the luggage check and ticket. At the request of the passenger, destination station at the end of the day (not counting the day of arrival) notify the recipient by telephone, by registered mail or by other means of arriving at its address luggage. Notification recipient of the arrival of his address luggage is charged at the rate they established carrier. If the destination station is not notified of the arrival of the passenger's luggage by the due date, late days of storage prior to sending notice not paid. Arrived luggage will be delivered during the time when the station is open for passenger transport operations.

Destination station in case of no luggage, the passenger whose extradition is required to an obligation on the reverse side of the luggage check after the expiry of delivery to make a mark "Luggage has not arrived," to put a stamp with the designation of the year, month, day, and get the passenger to a statement indicating the address for notice to it of the arrival of luggage without charging additional fees.

Transportation of dogs, small animals, birds and bees

Acceptance for carriage in the cargo carriage dogs, small animals, birds and bees is permitted without congestion on the route.

Dogs, birds, small animals can be transported in special containers or in containers sender with tray (cells, baskets, boxes) to ensure the rest of the damage is in the luggage car, and the car protected from contamination. Tara, this should correspond to the size and number of animals being transported and do not be too cumbersome.

Bees are accepted for carriage in the baggage car at an ambient temperature not exceeding 10 ° C + Bee hives are transported in bags or plywood under the supervision of an accompanying, which should pass in the same passenger train. In the car hives and packages installed so as not to be obstructed ventilation openings hives and is provided free to approach them. Small animals, birds and bees is accepted for transportation no earlier than three hours before the departure of the corresponding passenger train. Wild animals to baggage allowance shall not accept. Birds, small animals and bees must be received by the passenger at the destination station no later than 12 hours from the time of arrival of a passenger train. Carriage in luggage vans small pets, dogs and bees on presentation of the appropriate form of veterinary certificates. 

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