Privileges and bonuses 

The procedure for granting benefits and bonuses to certain categories of citizens defined by the Rules of transportation of passengers, baggage and cargo railway transport of the Republic of Uzbekistan (approved by the Resolution of the CM of 13.04.2012, N 109).

The passenger has the right to train with a free carry one child under the age of five years without a separate seat. When proceeding with the passenger more than one child under the age of five years, one of them carried free of charge, the others - with 50 per cent discount on the cost of the fare with a seat. Children under the age of five to ten years is also provided 50 per cent discount on the cost of the fare with a seat. For children over 10 years of age must purchase tickets, as for adults.

The right to free travel by rail 1 per year (there and back) provided:

1. Heroes of the Soviet Union and the people awarded the Order of Glory of three degrees;

2. war invalids I and II groups from the army, workers and employees were injured, and persons equated to them;

3. disabled - liquidators of the Chernobyl accident (within the Republic of Uzbekistan).

In addition, the railway workers who were awarded "Honorary railroad" are entitled to free travel (there and back) during the year for the CIS countries.

50 percent discount on the total cost of the ticket by rail 1 per year in exchange for coupons and identification card (there and back) are available to:

1. disabled veterans group III;

2. war veterans and persons equated to them.

Also, half of the cost of travel (to and fro) 1 time per year to pay persons accompanying disabled veterans group I (no more than 1 companion).

All existing and new implemented benefits by the decision of the management of JSC "Uzbekiston Temir Yullari" are subject to registration only at ticket offices. Registration of preferential travel documents for web resources is not provided except for the registration of children's tickets.

When purchasing electronic travel documents on the website using a corporate card, invoices can be obtained by clicking on the column "CREATE AN INVOICE" by entering the organization's TIN. The invoice will be received within 24 hours via the my.soliq website.

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