Passenger accident insurance

Passenger accident insurance

When planning a trip by train, do not forget to use the passenger accident insurance program of the partner insurance company “TEMIRYO'LSUG'URTA” LLC. Passenger accident insurance policy provides you with reliable protection against unforeseen circumstances during the trip.

You can buy the insurance policy online on our website at the same time with a travel document for any long-distance train, on the website of IC “TEMIRYO'LSUG'URTA” LLC ( or at railway ticket offices.

Risks covered by the program:

• temporary loss of general disability as a result of an accident;

• permanent loss of general working capacity (disability) as a result of an accident;

• death due to an accident.

Validity of the insurance policy

The period of validity of the insurance policy extends to the period of one trip of the Insured. The travel period begins upon boarding the vehicle, but not earlier than 30 minutes before departure (at an intermediate station along the route of the vehicle not earlier then after the announcement of the arrival of the vehicle at the station/railway station) and ends at the time of leaving the Insured person to a destination (station), provided that from the moment of arrival until the time of leaving the Insured person to a destination (station) was not more than 1 (one) hour.

What to do when an insured event occurs

If during a trip event occurred, having signs of the insured event, you must immediately contact the head of the train for medical assistance in transit and registration act (instrument) about the accident with the insured passenger during a trip on the railway transport, and on arrival at the destination immediately, no later than 24 hours after arrival, contact the medical organization for help and for obtaining the subsequent necessary medical documents. It is also necessary to notify the insurance company as soon as possible about the occurrence of the event in writing or by any fixed method of communication.

For more information about the insurance product, the procedure and amounts of payments, the conditions of return of the policy, you can find out by visiting the website or by contacting the specialists of the insurance company LLC "TEMIRYO'LSUG'URTA" at + 99871 299-74-61.

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